Locks & Keys 13/01/2022




Experience and technology in the keys and locks industry

Giuliani is world leader in the design, development and realization of high productivity transfer machines, both in-line and with rotary table, for the keys and locks industry.

Giuliani transfer machines are well known thanks to the following features:

  • Precision
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • Updated technology
  • Long working life
  • Work 24/7 non stop
  • Easy interface for “Industry 4.0” requirements
GIULIANI MCL con operatore1


The Giuliani transfer machines for the production of keys, are till now equipped 100% with Fanuc components, in particular with the CNC modules of the series 31i-B that is the high level control line for complex machines fitted with many axes, multi-path and need of high speed and high precision machining.


Componenti FANUC

Machines ready for the future

The new model MCL ,multiple station in-line transfer machine for the production of keys, is very interesting because it gives high productivity (up to 700 keys/hour), possibility to work from the raw key up to the completely finished key, operation 24/7 even without the presence of the operator and complete interface with the factory software according to "Industry 4.0" requirements.



The MCL machine is suitable to integrate in a single machine all the following processes of the key manufacturing:

  • coining of the bow,
  • laser marking for the logo or for the bitting feature,
  • back rounding,
  • profile milling,
  • special chamfers on the key tip,
  • bitting with teeth,
  • bitting with “dimple”,
  • profile deburring,
  • final brushing for complete deburring,
  • quality control of final product,
  • final unloading systems of different kinds.

One of the best features of the Giuliani machines is to be "customized" following the requests of the customers.

It is in fact possible to insert any kind of special sequences of milling and bitting as well as operations of assembly or pressing magnets or spheres into the keys and also automatic unloading systems of the products following the customer specifications.

GIULIANI MCL operatore2


Another very important feature is the possibility to change type of product and tools without the presence of the operator.This is possible thanks to multiple infeed systems of the raw keys and also to robotized systems for tool changing; furthermore the grippers can change configuration according to the different shape of the keys by means of suitable CNC systems installed in these devices.

20 Years partnership

The cooperation between Giuliani and Fanuc lasts since more than 20 years. This allowed Giuliani to launch in the market the most updated and innovative technology.Both the companies share a global vision of full support to the customers, being understood that both of them can count on a worldwide service ready to answer quickly to any request of technical support.

Thanks to the cooperation with Fanuc, to the innovative technology and to the availability of an effective worldwide support, Giuliani is from many years a real world reference for the supply of automatic machines for the production of high quality keys.