Innovación 22/11/2023

TDRILL Giuliani, the modular and reconfigurable Transfer Machine for optimal performance



Transfer Machines can be employed to work on pieces intended for several sectors, including automotive, lock industry, castings, compressors and hydraulic sector, using different materials, such as brass with or without lead and aluminum alloy.

Giuliani's design team has developed TDRILL, a modular, high-productive tool machine, in response to the different industry needs. This reconfigurable transfer machine can be equipped with a custom number of stations, with the purpose of fulfilling work requirements and developing over time along with production needs, ensuring support over the years.

Minimal lubricant employment technology


TDRILL Transfer Machine is capable of performing the processing of parts using MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) technology, using air and oil solution with a minimal lubricant supply compared to traditional systems. This solution makes it possible to achieve concrete benefits, in terms of environmental sustainability, cost reduction, and energy efficiency improvement, leading to a savings of 60% and a 45% reduction in plant footprint.

Optimized data management with Mentor


Giuliani’s technicians have developed Mentor, an innovative Cloud-based monitoring system, to provide a detailed view of Transfer's performance. This software collects manufacturing data and machine status information, and sends them to the Cloud for remote analysis via mobile devices or computers. Thanks to Mentor, it is possible to have real-time access to plant performance information, permitting optimal management and well-informed decisions, aimed at improving operative efficiency.

An 18-table stations Transfer Machine for Lock and Key industry

Giuliani team has recently completed an 18- table stations TDRILL, specific for brass-lock bodies production. This is the path that leads to the full development of this Transfer Giuliani, a highly versatile machine, which can fabricate a wide range of pieces in a short time.

In the early stages of construction of 18- table stations TDRILL, the structure is made, which is composed of a single base and a rotary table, based on Direct-Drive technology, ensuring stability, speed and precision.

fase 1

Later, highly accurate work units and loading and unloading Fanuc robots are placed. All the handling equipment is installed to make the machine ready for the next step of the construction.

fase 2

In the following stage, latest details are added, including unloading roller conveyor and HMI panel, with an intuitive and ergonomic Man-Machine interface. Thanks to the Mentor monitoring system, production data can be remotely analyzed.

fase 3

After the installation of external protections, air filtration and cooling systems, and the minimal lubrication system based on MQL technology, the Transfer Machine is fully operative, ready to enter production with maximum efficiency.

fase 4

Features that make TDRILL an high-productivity Transfer

interno macchina

TDRILL Giuliani is an extremely versatile tool machine, whose modularity allows it to perform different types of processing that can be applied to several sectors. In addition, thanks to its reconfigurability, TDRILL proves to be adaptable through time, and capable of meeting constantly evolving work needs.

  • Maximum flexibility, can produce up to 10 component families, taking advantage of the same machine configuration
  • High productivity, is capable of working on one piece every 10 seconds, for a total amount of 8.000 pieces per day
  • High precision, with a tolerance of approximately 0.02 mm throughout a full working day, thanks to thermal control
  • Minimal lubrication, operating 24/7, uses only 40 liters of oil in a year
  • Zero warm up, the machine is ready for immediate production without a warm-up phase

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